Michelle Obama’s response to gracious Melania Trump was DISGRACEFUL – WATCH HERE

There was an interesting moment on January 20 when President Trump met the Obama’s on the steps of the White House. One which shows the pure nastiness of the Obama’s and the kindness and grace of the Trumps, especially our new First Lady, Melania Trump.

Arriving at the White House, both Donald and Melania Trump exit the vehicle and are met by the Obama’s. Melania has brought with her a gift, which is wrapped in what appears to be a Tiffany’s box.

Despite the campaign and all the nasty and untrue things that liberal media and the Obama’s had said about her husband, Melania was kind enough to bring a gift for the outgoing First Lady.

Michelle Obama looking disgusted! RUDE!

However, the response she got from Michelle was nothing short of RUDE! Michelle’s response and her face was disgusting to both Melania and her now president husband – Donald Trump.

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