Mike Huckabee to Obama & Liberals: “Get over it, Snowflakes!”

You’ve got to love staunch Donald Trump advocate and true patriot, Mike Huckabee! Especially after this appearance on Fox & Friends.

Discussing the Democrats constant excuse making following Hillary Clinton’s loss to President-elect Trump, Huckabee said “the American people aren’t stupid… the electoral system worked,” he said.

Before he then fired one message straight into the Democratic camp, “get over it, snowflakes, your snow has melted”.

Got to love that!

Huckabee said it was Clinton not Putin who was to blame for her election loss, citing Clinton’s lack of cogent message while also insulting voters by calling them “deplorable”.

All in all, it was also because she failed to campaign in key states according to Huckabee.

Thumbs up for Mr Huckabee! Watch him put Clinton and Democrats on blast here!





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