Mike Pence – A Return to Christian Values That You CAN Believe

As ‘Election 2016’ drew to an end, and one chapter in America’s history closed and another opened – many on the conservative Christian right would have felt a sense of true optimism. 

The Barack Obama years had been, and will forever be stained with questions around his true religion – his questionable actions within the Middle East have further fuelled his alleged ties to Islam, and Muslim faith.


However, Mike Pence will bring none of this baggage to the White House – nor any question about his true religious faith.

His true faith, has always been the Christian faith.

President-Elect Pence has been married to Karen since 1985 and have raised 3 well rounded, beautiful children.

Raised in a Catholic family, where as a child he served as an altar boy, it would be during his years at college, while as a member of a Christian student group that Pence would make his “commitment to Christ”. The year was 1978, and as a college freshman at a Christian music festival in Wilmore, Kentucky that Pence truly realised his faith in the Lord.

Pence would continue to call himself Catholic, however by 1995 he and his family joined an evangelical church – the Grace Evangelical Church. Later, in 2013 Pence would describe himself as “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order”.

We here at Freedom Liberty News, like that order.

It’s easy to understand why so Americans were drawn to Donald Trump, but also easy to understand why so many also resonated with Mike Pence. The man who would arguably become the second most powerful man in the world, second only to the most powerful. Bringing with him a wonderful Christian family and strong faith based values, as well as a belief in Jesus Christ and a true faith, that only the true believers will know.

God bless you Mike Pence, and God bless the United States of America.



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