MUST READ: Here’s How Trump WILL Beat Chuck Schumer & Dems To Appoint Gorsuch To Supreme Court

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer revealed how President Trump would ensure Judge Neil Gorsuch is elected to the Supreme Court.

Spicer noted that the President strongly supported the Republicans using the “nuclear option” to overcome the Dems attempt to filibuster the nomination.

Spicer said, “we’re comfortable in the sense that obviously that decision is up to Leader McConnell to make, how he wants the Senate to deal with this.

“I think the majority leader’s comments are very clear in the direction that he’s headed in,” he continued. “But I think this is, we have entered a whole new league if this goes forward in terms of Democrats going and saying, it’s one thing to vote against a nominee. We’ve seen that in the past and I understand that, but, we’ve now gone from the devolution of agreeing that there are certain people that the president has the right, as long as they’re qualified right?”

The “nuclear option” is maneuver in which the majority party will vote remove the threshold for the confirmation of a Supreme Court nomination.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi can complain all they like. Trump is the President and Neil Gorsuch is a GREAT man. He is what our country needs!

Watch President Trump talk about Neil Gorsuch here:

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