MUST SEE: Obama To Form New Supergroup To Stop ‘Trump-ism’


During an appearance in New York City last, we speculated why Obama was back in town and his reason for the visit. At the same time, Hillary Clinton released a video calling for ‘resistance’ and praising ‘activism’ – now we know what it was all for.

It has now been confirmed that with former President Obama’s comments that his post-presidency plans were to focus on affecting general assembly races and redistricting – his plans are finally coming into focus as it is revealed that a Democratic “supergroup” has formed to affect state-level races and end gerrymandering in an effort to halt “Trump-ism.”

According to a report from Fox News, citing Jared Leopold, spokesman for the Democratic National Redistricting Committee is now leading the charge. They plan to:

  • Help Democrats win more races in the next few election cycles to “put them in a better situation before redistricting in 2020″
  • Embark on legal efforts to “undo some of the more egregious redistricting” after the 2010 census
  • Push ballot initiatives that will lead to “fair maps.”


Clearly the group will be largely focused on stop Republican election victories, redrawing electoral maps to suit Democrats and halt Trump from being able to work as president!

Y’all this is bad! We’ve got to support Trump at every opportunity we get!

But there is good news!

Thankfully as Fox News states, the Republican wins in the 2010 election gave the GOP the House majority and control of 20 additional state House and Senate chambers. “They were therefore granted a fairly broad authority in redrawing district maps after the census that year.”

We need to always vote – and always vote Republican to keep power away from the liberals!

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