MUST WATCH:Bill Clinton On Illegal Immigration Proves Liberals Are Hypocrites

Who knew that a nation protecting its borders was racist?

 It’s something EVERY nation does, or attempts to do. We have a system of laws in place when it comes to the hoops you have to jump through to immigrate to America – including the Secure Fence Act of 2006 – which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama voted in favor of.

We have all these laws on the books, and yet the second Donald Trump decides to say “hey guys, maybe we should enforce those laws,” liberals throw up their hands and say “well, OK Hitler!”

Trump is hardly the first president to want us to control our borders and enforce our immigration laws. In fact, it’s a position that former President Bill Clinton defended when he was in office – to the applause of Democrats and Republicans alike.

Bill Clinton makes those comments in 1996 to a standing ovation – Trump makes them since 2015 and gets branded a racist.

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