Nancy Pelosi’s Blooper On CNN Is A Massive Fail For Her & Her Party!

Nancy Pelosi had a hilarious blank when asked a simple question by Anderson Cooper on CNN, Tuesday Night.

Cooper asked:

“Who is the leader of the Democratic Party?”

She responded with:

“Well, President Obama was the president of the United States until just a matter of weeks ago. I don’t think that he can be dismissed as the leader of the Democratic Party,” the California Democrat answered. “Hillary Clinton did not win the election, but a respected leader.”

“We have leaders for all different aspects of it. The Democratic Party is a congressional party, and we have members in Congress. It is a gubernatorial party.”

“But on the state level,” Cooper interrupted. “It is a party which has suffered tremendous losses in the last couple of years under President Obama.”

“It has,” Pelosi conceded, “but we have a plan to address that.”

LOL! She is a fool! The Democratic party has no one in charge! They are in denial! Their time is limited!


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