NBC’s Chuck Todd Tried To Attack Kellyanne Conway – Got Flattened For It!

Why do the liberal media continue to attack Kellyanne Conway? Time after time they try and they lose – looking stupid in the process. This week, it’s the turn of NBC’s Chuck Todd:

In fact, not only was Chuck Todd destroyed by Kellyanne Conway, this will have his audience questions his legitimacy as a TV “expert”.

Chuck Todd attempts to grill Conway about Press Secretary Sean Spicer and his comments about the mainstream media’s bias portrayal of Trump’s inauguration as not successful or well attended and that Spicer called his response ‘alternative facts’.

Of course the mainstream media ran with this and is claiming what Spicer said was a “falsehood” when it really isn’t and Chuck Todd brought Kellyanne Conway on to his show because he thought he had her trapped, but in reality Kellyanne had him right where she wanted him.


Sadly for Todd, Conway just threw fats right back at him until he was silent, forced to resort to childish laughter and attempted insults!

Chuck Todd should have thought twice before going after someone as smart and talented as Kellyanne Conway, but then again the mainstream media is more desperate than ever to try and stay alive so this attack only makes sense.

This was an act of desperation and Kellyanne Conway being the strong intelligent woman that she is simply rose above it and ENDED Chuck Todd.

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