Nebraska Dems Giving Voter Registration Forms In ‘Welcome Packs’ To Refugees..

If we ever needed proof the Democrats use underhand tactics to manipulate and win elections, this new campaign by Nebraska Democrats is it.

According to the Conservative Review, the Nebraska Democratic Party are giving each refugee who comes to their state a “welcome basket”.

The baskets, which include items from toilet paper to smalls appliances, also include a voter registration form.

In a video posted earlier this month, Nebraska Democratic Party chairwoman Jane Kleeb explained that her party decided to put the baskets together after President Donald Trump issued his “racist travel ban” in late January.

In the video, Kleeb explains that Nebraska welcomes more refugees on a per-capita basis than any other state and that her party has been working on the baskets since February.

In comments to the Conservative Review, Kleeb denied any wrongdoing by including the registration forms and said she included them “so folks start to get familiar with the forms.”

This is a strange move by the Democratic party – given that it takes years to become a U.S. citizen. The question for us is, why?!

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