Newt Gingrich Just Put Paul Ryan On Notice ‘You Misled Our President!’

Newt Gingrich has freely admitted that President Trump was misled by House Speaker Paul Ryan into thinking that Republican leaders had the ObamaCare replacement bill all under control.

Gingrich, speaking on Fox to Hannity, implied that Ryan was to blame for this.

“What do you do know is that Donald Trump is a very smart guy,” he continued. “He just went through an experience that wasn’t what he was told. He had been told that everything was under control, the leadership could deliver, he didn’t have to pay too much attention, come in at the very end and close the deal. And it got to be a total mess

Because of the repeal failure, Gingrich implied that Ryan deserved to lose the speakership over the debacle saying, “I can guarantee you that if this had been one of his hotels, one of his buildings, one of his golf courses, there’d be a lot of personnel changes tonight. And I think what you’re gonna see is that he’s gonna rethink how he’s going to approach the Congress based on this outcome. Because it was so totally, utterly unacceptable.”

“At the same time I think, Paul Ryan is at a real turning point,” he continued. “Ryan’s a very smart guy, nobody should take that away from him. And he knows an immense amount about policy.”

Watch Gingrich below:


One thought on “Newt Gingrich Just Put Paul Ryan On Notice ‘You Misled Our President!’

  • 03/27/2017 at 10:35 am

    Maybe it’s about time you start looking after the American people and pass a health program that benefits all Americans. Democrats and Republicans start working together or you will all be out of a job come the next elections.


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