ON NO! John McCain Just Mocked Trump – Will This Get Him Fired?!

Is McCain’s time as a Republican finally up?! Because during an interview on ‘State of the Union’ on CNN he just dropped a bomb about President Trump.

McCain is quickly becoming a very, very good pal of the left mainstream media and this appearance on CNN is no surprise! Saying today on CNN that Trump should put up or shut up over claims Trump Tower was wiretapped.

McCain said: “The president has to provide the American people, not just the intelligence committee but the American people with evidence that his predecessor, former President of the United States was guilty of breaking the law because our Director of National Intelligence General Clapper testified that there was absolutely no truth to that allegation.”

Watch it in full here:


We’ve already seen the evidence that Trump Tower was wiretapped. In fact, then President Barrack Obama was using wiretaps on political opponents all over the world! This has been confirmed by the CIA and former staff.

We think McCain should lose his seat – the man has mocked our President too many times!

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