NO WAY?! Did Paul Ryan Just Screw Over Donald Trump & The American People?

We thought Paul Ryan was on our side? The American worker – we’ve been going out and working everyday to provide for our families – and the Republican Party led by Paul Ryan promised us tax relief!

President Trump is demanding Republicans put forward their plan for tax relief, Trump wants to sign that order right now! But when Paul Ryan appeared on Fox & Friends, he dismissed it!

Here is what Brian Kilmeade said to Ryan: “The president is somewhat disappointed that there is not tax reform done right away. That the plan does not seem to be agreed upon or done yet. I always thought you wake in the morning with a plan like that, that you just didn’t have the power to implement it. Where is tax reform on your things to do list? And how ready is it to get on the president’s desk?”

This was Ryan’s response – as you’ll see it’s a lonnnggggg way down Ryan’s “to-do list”….. Trump will NOT be happy!

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