Obama Appears In NYC – What Is He Planning?!


President Obama has been working quietly behind the scenes – President Trump has questioned if he has been behind a number of leaks from within Washington D.C.

Claims have surfaced that suggest those close to Obama still working at the highest levels of government are actively working to bring down Trump and derail his presidency.

Now, the former President appeared in NYC where he visited an office building in New York City.Obama’s departure from 160 Fifth Ave. attracted a large crowd, according to footage first reported by Business Insider.

The video shows Obama receiving raucous applause and cheers as he walks to a motorcade of at least three black cars.

Obama has mostly kept a low profile since exiting the White House last month after two terms as president, and gave no explanation as to why he was in New York City.

Some have suggested he was in town to see Hillary Clinton who released this disturbing video at the same time urging Democrats to “keep fighting”


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