Obama Calls For Full Scale Review Of Russian Election Intervention – Trump Team Comes Out Swinging!

When will they let it go? First it was the riots, then it was the Jill Stein-led election recount request (which was a complete waste of time), and as of this week, Clinton supporters were directing death threats at Kellyanne Conway, senior advisor to Donald Trump – you can read this here.

But now, the latest move from the Democrats has been led from the top with President Obama now calling for a full scale review of Russian cyber-attacks which according to the Democrats, interfered in the presidential election.

The Democrats, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton claim that the email scandal, which blew up toward the latter end of the election, was orchestrated by Russian hackers who gave information to Wikileaks – this leading to a new investigation led by the FBI.

Let’s take a step back for a second. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was her own stupid fault, this is also the same side who cheered for Wikileaks when they initially released confidential information relating to the war on Iraq and Afghanistan.

So to make this clear, Clinton was supportive of Wikileaks when they revealed top secret information on the U.S, even though it put American lives at risk but supported her own agenda, but is now anti Wikileaks because the tables have turned..

That sounds like the Clinton’s to us! Dirty, filthy liars! They are all about their own personal and political gain.

As expected, President-Elect Trump who WILL take over the White House in 2017 has come out swinging at Obama’s announcement.

Trump stating that ‘the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history’. He went on to tell Democrats to ‘move on’ and ‘Make America Great again’.

Trump’s final and parting shot took aim at how much of Clinton could be believed stating ‘this was the same woman who said she run under a barrage of final when she visited Bosnia’.

And yes, that turned out to be more lies from Clinton.

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