Obama changes his tune – see what he’s doing that has made Trump laugh!

Remember when Obama was president and he preached about racial diversity and harmony? He totally opposed a wall of any kind, especially the one that then Republican president candidate Trump called for.

Well, it would appear Obama has changed his tune, at least when it comes to his own property. Photos obtained by TMZ show that Obama is constructing a ‘large brick wall’ around his rental property in Washington D.C.

Doesn’t he want to mix with the people? What happened to diversity, and everyone holding hands and letting people in?

Workers begin construction around “Obama’s Wall”

The home was sold in 2014 for $5,295,000 and has 9 beds and 8.5 bathrooms. It has 8,200 square feet and was built in 1928.

Do y’all think Obama is just race baiting when it comes to national politics?!

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