Has The Obama Era Killed The Democrats Forever?

Sitting in my motel in Fayetteville, North Carolina it can be said without a doubt that the Donald Trump ‘Thank You Tour’ tonight was amazing. The sense of optimism among the crowd is difficult to put into words.

We have touched on it before, but following the Trump victory there is a sense of positivity that we just can’t shake. It certainly didn’t feel like this during the Obama years. In fact, we didn’t feel much at all during the Obama years. Other than loss and hardship. Unemployment rose (Americans out of work, or looking for work is higher now than at any point under Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush), and the threats from abroad are getting too close to home. And that’s without mentioning the threat that arrives daily from Mexico.

Indeed, the Obama years have quite possibly stained the Democratic ‘brand’ forever. The hopeful signs that Liberals projected in 2008 with slogans like “yes we can” and “hope” have been discreetly thrown in the trash and forgotten. It would seem that even they know, as American jobs flowed overseas that Obama wasn’t what he had seemed.

Fast forward 8 years and Democratic problems have only gotten worse, Hillary Clinton can’t tell the truth two sentences in a row (see her email scandal for that one) and other Democrat’s such as Anthony Weiner make the papers for all the wrong reasons.

States, cities & towns that had never voted red, now have. ‘Swing’ states all overwhelmingly voted Republican & registered lifelong Democrats now vote Republican.

Trump has awoken something within America and has appealed to a true perception that the suits in Washington had forgotten about the working class and the military families – middle America, or just, America.

We have long memories in America, and we always remember who wronged us and who came to our aid. Trump will be rewarded for a long time, and like he will for us, we wish him well.

As the Trump Tour moves on from North Carolina to thank others who supported him, I will no doubt leave knowing that Trump will never really leave them.

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