Obama jokes about growing a beard after presidency – Is this his religious ‘coming out?’

President Obama made a startling revelation during his final press conference yesterday! That has EVERYONE wondering if it could be a sign of things to come!

Asked by reporters what he would do after he leaves the White House, Obama said it involved everything from writing, speaking less and spending more time with his family. As previously reported he also advised he would stay politically active and continue to “work with the American people”.

But of all those comments, was his mention of ‘maybe growing a beard’. Certainly the soon-to-be former president has spent some time thinking about what he would be doing post-presidency and this has us wondering!

Muslims have a beard because the Prohet Mohammad did. Muslims are encouraged to be like him and to follow every aspect of his life. It is also interesting that Obama mentioned talking less and thinking more, also a trait of the Prohet Mohammed.

Al those rumors, may just about be ready to come true.


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