Obama Just Broken The Presidential Code – He Just Said This About Trump

It’s an unwritten rule of politics in the United States, a gentleman’s agreement as such – you don’t trash talk your Presidential successor. For example President George W. Bush was super quiet when it came to President Obama, as was Bill Clinton on Bush senior. But for Obama, the rules don’t apply.

People Magazine have reported that two friends of Obama said he was disappointed after an Election Night phone call with President Trump, calling him “nothing but a bullshitter“.

Obama’s friends said he was also peeved about Trump’s public claim that he “respected” Obama despite repeatedly criticizing him on the campaign trail.


Oh boo hoo, Obama! Get over it! Also according to People Magazine, Michelle Obama doesn’t like Trump either, wearing black everyday since Trump’s inauguration.

Seriously these people are like overgrown children. Liberals huh, absolute crybabies!

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