Obama leaves Trump with this final DISGUSTING parting gift!

Obama was never going to go quietly. His attitude and comments since the November election have been anything but presidential! But this last parting gift is so dirty, that it even affects everyday Americans!

Of all the problems facing President Trump is the state of the economy left by Obama! Since Obama was sworn into office, about $10 trillion has been added to the nation debt.

That’s more than any other presidential administration in history!

Under Obama, 14.5 million people have left the labor force & annual food stamp enrollment is up by 16 million since 2008. Aside from this, home ownership is at its lowered point since 1995, student debt now tops $1.4 trillion and premiums for ‘Obamacare’ is up 25% compared to 2016!

How is that for a leaving gift? God Bless Trump, we wish him well. Obama has not made his road easy.




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