Obama Left A SICK ‘Gift’ To Trump That Will Make His Job Even Harder!




The country is a mess and it’s all thanks to former President Barrack Obama. But he’s left one failing sick mess for President Trump.

It would seem that former President Obama only cared about the moment while President, without a thought for what he would pass on to his successor and now President Trump is now left with the failing Obamacare – which will be harder than anyone imagined to repeal and replace according to Charles Krauthammer.

Appearing on “Special Report”, Krauthammer said Trump will be vague on the expected repeal and replace of ObamaCare when he addresses Congress on Tuesday.

“I guarantee you he will not be specific at all,” Krauthammer said adding that the specifics of his plan have yet to be ironed out and specificity is “not what you want to do” in a speech like that.

He noted that during a speech to a group of governors on Monday, Trump expressed his disbelief at the complexity of the health care law.

He added that ObamaCare is “internally collapsing,” and that makes the problem even harder for Trump to address.


Thankfully, Trump will be able to do this! We support him! President Trump has already begun meeting with health insurance CEO’s!


This is just another example of a Republican having to clean up after a Democrat mess!

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