OBAMA LIES EXPOSED – Obama is left scrambling after his lies are exposed on camera!

Taken before he was elected in 2008, this short clip shows Obama being interviewed before he announced his intention to run for president in 2008.

During the interview he spoke about what was required of the highest office in the land.

“If you seek that office, you have to be prepared to give your life to it” he says, “you give me this office, and in turn my fears, doubts, insecurities…need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure..is gone. I am giving myself to you, and the American people should have no patience..because you have a job to do”.

Oddly enough he goes on to say “those who make mistakes, I suspect, in the Presidents office, make it because they haven’t fully thought through the dimensions of that choice.” Asked if he could imagine himself making that commitment, Obama simply replies “sure.”

How many vacations has Obama had during the last 8 years? Vacations that have been at the expense of us, the taxpayer!

Watch Obama lying in the full light of day here.

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