Obama shock move? Where he may be going after January 20!

Kenyan news sources report that the Obama’s are planing a move to a large safari ranch 100km north west of Kenyan Capital Nairobi after a purchase of land there. Is this move a subtle hint from the Obama’s that all along the questions raised around Barrack Obama’s true birthplace were in fact correct? Local white farmer Keith Streak says his family have worked the torrid dusty land since colonial times and his fofarthers have in fact had ‘Obama’s’ work as part of their chain gangs as recent as 1981 when a young man named ‘Henry Taibu Obama’ worked as a springbok culer before moving to America for Educational opportunities.

Here’s what Keith Streak had to say “I’m quite disturbed by the Obama’s RETURNING to the district as their left wing ideals have no place in Narobi were you get ahead by getting dirty jeans and dusty boots, they wouldn’t know a hard days work if it bit them in the [sic] arse”.

Streak went on to elaborate on the gentleman who left his ranch in 1982 “know I’m not saying this youngster was Barrack, but he had the same ears and facial profile as em, he was absolutely a close relation if not more”. Well I’m not sure about everybody else but his kind of liberal corruption seems far to coinsodental for my god faring good natural to swallow, these questions need to be raised again, the Obama administration has dodged one almighty bullet on this one.

Concerned farmer, Keith Streak.

Did we ever see the CORRECT birth certificate? One thing we can be sure of now that Trump is in office is that we can finally put to bed these questions and I’m sure once Donald and his staff starts searching through draws in the White House in our great nations capital the farce that was the Obama presidency will be exposed.

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