‘ObamaCare Will Explode’: Trump Puts The Destruction Of U.S Health System On Pelosi & Schumer!

It looks like filthy Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, former President Obama and the Democrats have managed to hold on to ObamaCare just a little longer. But, it doesn’t matter, ObamaCare is failing and will implode.

President Donald J. Trump said as much when asked for his reaction after the GOP’s health bill, which would repeal and replace ObamaCare will pulled.

Trump gave a statement after the bill was pulled, saying that they were close to getting enough votes, but “couldn’t quite get there.”

He said a lot of people didn’t realize how good the American Health Care Act was, because they weren’t looking at phases two and three.

“I think what will happen is ObamaCare, unfortunately, will explode,” he said.

Trump added that the real losers are Democratic lawmakers like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as they now “totally own it.”

“This is nothing but a Democratic health care,” he said. “This is not our bill, this is their bill.”

He said after ObamaCare explodes, “maybe then we will end up with a really great health care bill.”

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