Obama’s Former Senior Advisor Just Got Destroyed For Defending Obama on Wiretapping! The End Is Nigh!

Ben Rhodes, the former senior advisor to President Barack Obama sent out a tweet on Saturday coming to his former bosses’ defence over alleged wiretapping of Trump Tower during last year’s presidential campaign.

Rhodes’ tweet read, “No president can order a wiretap’ and was in direct reference to Trump’s tweet calling for an investigation into Obama.

With Rhodes adding, “Those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you.”

But of course, there was a huge portion of patriots who know that simply isn’t true. As previously reported and confirmed by Wikileaks, Obama has a decent history of wiretapping.

In fact, many users were quick to point out that Fox News correspondent James Rosen was infamously wiretapped in 2013 when the Justice Department was investigating government leaks.

The Associated Press was also wiretapped in relation to the same investigation.



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