Has Obama’s “Legacy” Been Forgotten Already! Read What Obama Thinks! America You Did Well!

Have you heard of Donald Trump plans for his first day in office? His plans for the 100 days in office? It’s impressive. He’s GOING to get stuff DONE!

What about Trump’s wins before he has even taken office? No doubt he has already had a number of successes; the appointment of General James Mattis, keeping Ford in the USA and keeping Carrier from sending more workers and American jobs to Mexico.

The latter made Obama look exceptionally stupid, especially given that in a town hall meeting Obama had in Indianapolis 6 months ago, he said there was no way he could save those jobs – we all recall his ‘magic wand’ comments. Read our coverage of that here – there’s a great video clip which is all the proof we need; Obama is stupid.

Indeed Obama was stupid, 8 years of stupid policy both domestically and internationally. Locally we lost jobs and the unemployment figure increased, the number of working class and middle Americans failing to provide for their families is also at an all time high. Internationally we have seen the emergence of new terror threats – such as ISIS and the fall of a number of Middle East countries which saw American deaths and no intervention from our military.

The threats from abroad got worse under Obama.

Obama spent too much time wining and dining with the Hollywood elite and the rest of his time bowing down to pointless international organisations such as the United Nations and Nato.

But what does Obama himself think of his legacy? Well, he thinks he had one… BUT,  as he states himself, his legacy and name will only mean something if Clinton were to be elected…

Well done, America.

You can watch Obama making a fool of himself here.

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