Off To Fox? Tomi Lahren Continues To Drop Hints She’s Leaving The Blaze

Following her controversial comments about abortion on “The View”, Tomi Lahren has continued to drop all sorts of hints about her future on her various social media accounts.

In her latest post to her Instagram ‘story’, Lahren sent a picture of fortune cookie which said “You are headed for a promotion”. Lahren has previously hinted at leaving ‘The Blaze’ during the week and many have suspected a move to Fox will happen sometime in the future.

Many are not questioning if that move will come soon than expected.

Previous posts following her week stand down from “The Blaze” include:

When approached for comment as to whether she would be leaving the network for a suspected move to Fox, neither Lahren or The Blaze would comment.

This comes amongst a very busy and bad week for the conservative star following her comments on The View.

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