OH NO! Hillary Clinton is out of hiding – guess what she’s planning now?

Just when you thought we had finally gotten rid of Hillary Clinton, high level Democrats and liberals are now trying to bring her back!

‘News sites’ report she is being asked by Democrats to take on NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio in this year’s mayoral race. In what sounds all too similar, it is believed the Democrats wanting her to run believe she is a”shoo-in” for the role.

One Democrat gleefully commented “imagine the fun: City building inspectors start to show up daily at Trump Tower, where they find a wobbly beam here, a missing smoke detector there, outdated wiring all over the place. City health inspectors fan out through Trump’s hotels, writing citations for clogged drains in the kitchens and expired milk in the minibars.”

How corrupt is that?!!!!!!!!

It would be likely that Clinton will enter the race for the mayoralty given her hunger for public office and sway it gives over public policy – often using her position to benefit her own foundations and bank accounts!

What do y’all think? Is this a swamp Trump can help drain?!



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