OH YES! Bring on Jan 20! Trump helps U.S economy and beats down Obama with 1 sentence!

Trump is certainly stepping up his game before he officially takes the Oval Office on Jan 20!

As reported today by the Washington Examiner, ‘investors are giddy with confidence (and) optimism’ following the Trump election victory. So much so, they are now referring to this confidence as the ‘Trump Effect’.

They explain “what started with GOP confidence in the economy, has now spread to more investors who have registered the greatest expectation of making money in nine years, dating all the way back to the Bush administration”.

Wow! Now with that, Trump went even further, completely breaking down Obama’s economic failures with one simple Instagram and Facebook update.

The update? “My administration will follow two simple rules: Buy American and Hire American”

Yes! Can we get a “Make America Great Again?” This is amazing stuff!

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