Ohio State Terrorist Attack – It Highlights The Problem With Liberals & Gun Control – While Reps Praise Heroes!

As we all now know (well maybe not the Liberals) on November 28 a car ramming attack and mass stabbing occurred on the grounds of Ohio State University. 

The attacker was Somali refugee Adul Razak Ali Artan (we will refer to him as Artan throughout this story). A week before the attack, Artan travelled to Washington, D.C to purchase a knife at a Home Depot, the day before the attack, Artan then purchased a second knife at a Walmart in Columbus.

Note – at no point did Artan purchase a gun. Also, at no point during the attack did Artan produce or use a gun. Following the attacks earlier this year in Nice, France in which a car ramming attack killed 86 people, federal law enforcement officials had been concerned that these style of attacks were being encouraged by online extremist propaganda. The new found popularity of these attacks is becoming favored due to the relative ease of pulling them off – opposed to bombings, obtaining weapons, ammo etc.

Without a doubt, it is quite clear that the events that occurred in Ohio ARE an act of terrorism. Artan was described as exiting his vehicle and “emitting a war cry” before beginning his knife attack.  But what is also quite clear is that this story has a hero…well heroes.

At one point, Anderson Payne, a U.S. Army veteran who was helping people struck by the attacker’s Honda Civic, grabbed the attacker’s knife and ducked under his arm in order to escape, but was unable to disarm him and had his hand slashed in the process. A student injured during the attack described seeing people screaming and fleeing before she encountered the assailant, who said “I’m going to kill you” and then slashed her left arm. The attacker was shot and killed by police within two minutes of the attack starting.

Anderson Payne is the first hero in this story. Well done, sir.

The next hero was the first emergency responder who arrived on the scene. That was Alan Horujko, a campus officer who was on the scene within 1 minute – before the Police tactical team, negotiators, K-9 unit and bomb squad could arrive, Horujko had already popped Arten in the head.

What more do you say? No one died or currently has injuries considered life threatening. The only death? The scumbag who started it all. In fact, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and John Kasich to name a few, were quick to praise the actions of Alan Horujo

Unless you are a Liberal, however!

Tim Kaine used it as an opportunity to push his anti-gun agenda without any evidence (he later changed the tweet after he was caught out) and a number of Liberal know-it-alls have claimed Horujko acted incorrectly! Questioning his actions on live television!

Tim Kaine Wondering Why America Rejected Him…

You can watch that video here. Liberals, what can we say?

Who believes Horujko is a hero? Anderson Payne is a hero? These people came to the rescue and saved lives.

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