OMG! California Is Going To Hide Illegal Immigrants From ICE!

It looks like the liberal state of California is set to defy President Trump and actively work to hide illegal immigrants through a “network of homes” as part of an effort to provide shelter for families facing deportation.

Religious leaders in Los Angeles have formed the underground network which could shelter hundreds and potentially thousands of illegals across Southern California.

Know as the “Rapid Response Team Network” Paster Ada Valiente says “that’s what we need to do as a community to keep families together.”

Another participant who did not want to be identified said  he will do everything in his power to protect his guests if immigration authorities come knocking on his door.

“I definitely won’t let them in. That’s our legal right,” he said. “If they have a warrant, then they can come in. I can imagine that could be scary, but I feel the consequences of being passive in this moment is a little scary.”

Under President Obama, the authority of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials was limited at various religious locations.

However, under Trump a plan has been presented to increase domestic deportations, which expands on those who may have previously been targeted by ICE.


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