OMG! CNN’s Jake Tapper Attacks President Trump & His Supporters – What Do Y’all Think Of This?!

CNN’s Jake Tapper just went on a huge anti-Trump rant about the President’s strong performance at his first solo press conference. In fact, it was such a rant, it proved why Trump calls the network “fake”, clearly they politically bias it’s effecting their ability to correctly and accurately report the news. Here’s how it went down:

Following CNN’s press conference coverage, they went straight to Tpper who immediately launched his attack saying that although they were told it was to be about Alexander Acosta, Trump’s Labor Secretary pick, Trump veered off course quickly.

“He talked about Jim Acosta more than Alexander Acosta,” referring to CNN’s White House correspondent. “He talked about Hillary Clinton more than he talked about Alexander Acosta.”

He said things that were not true. Peter Alexander from NBC pointed out one of them when he said he had the biggest electoral victory win since Ronald Reagan. That’s not true. Clinton, Clinton, Obama, Obama, George H.W., all were bigger, but moving on from that.

If you are a soldier in harm’s way right now, if you are a hungry child in Appalachia or in the inner city, if you are an unemployed worked in a hollow shell of a steel town, that’s not a president who seemed rather focused on your particular needs and wants. That’s a president focused on his bad press.”

Mr Tapper, we just had 8 years of the worst President in U.S history – we think you need to calm down a little. Stop trying to sensationalize everything and grow up. Your bias is effectively your ability to do your job!

President Trump was also right about his election victory – read more on that here.

But it didn’t stop there, Mr Tapper even questioned the health of the presidency and the mental state of supporters who back the President!

I think everyone at home needs to ask themselves, “how would you react if that were your boss coming in and giving a speech to the employees where you work? How would you react if that was somebody in your family that you were trying to have a conversation with?”

“You would think, this is very difficult to assess in a positive way. This person is not dealing with the world in which we live. He said things that weren’t true. He was called out by one reporter, you said you had the biggest electoral victory since Reagan that’s not true. And he said, “well somebody gave me that information. Somebody gave me that information.” The buck stops there? Is that where we are with this presidency?”

Then he looked in the camera directly to address the president.

“President Trump if you’re watching, you’re the president. You legitimately won the presidency. Now get to work and stop whining about it!”

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