OMG! Did Y’all Hear About What Trump Did While Visiting Rep Scalise At The Hospital?

We were all left completely stunned after a left-wing nutter attempted to kill Republican members of Congress in Alexandria, VA. But what Trump did next has us all proud to be American.


The gunman, James “Tom” Hodgkinson, opened fire and wounded 5 people, including Congressman Steve Scalise. The crazed gunman would have claimed more victims had it not been for the Capital Police who bravely returned fire and helped take the shooter down.

Shortly after receiving the news of the shooting, President Trump cancelled plans to celebrate his birthday and left to visit Rep Scalise in the hospital.

But what the President did after the hospital visit surprised everyone, especially the Secret Service and hospital staff.

“Despite being rushed to exit for security reasons, President Trump REFUSED to leave without stopping to shake the hands of EVERY SINGLE Capital Policeman and woman at the hospital.”

It’s being reported that he wanted to personally thank all of them for their service, no matter how long it took.

While at the hospital, Trump also met with Capitol Police officer Crystal Griner, who was shot in the ankle as she defended the GOP representatives and senators during the attack.

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