Pelosi Won’t Like This – Trump Perfectly Describes Her With Just One Word

President Trump certainly didn’t pull any punches during a wide-ranging interview with Fox and Friends. But quite possibly his best was saved for what he thought of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Simply, Trump called her “incompetent” which was in response to remarks Pelosi made about Trump of which she was critical.

“Well I’ve been watching Nancy’s tape. And so I think she’s incompetent, actually,” Trump said

“But she’s done a terrible job,” he added. “I don’t think she’s a good spokesman — she’s certainly wrong.”


Pelosi had said Trump has done nothing and had no accomplishments to speak of when he addressed the joint session of congress.

But Trump didn’t let her get away with that, explaining their negative rhetoric will only hurt the Democratic party saying:

“You know, if you look at what’s going on with the Democrats and the party, it’s getting smaller and smaller. You know, in a certain way I hate to see it, because I like a two-party system and we’re soon going to have a one-party system,” Trump said. “I actually think a two-party system is healthy and good.”


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