People Are Wishing Death to This 86-Year-Old Veteran…Because He Watches Tomi Lahren

This is sick! Joe Curci innocently uploaded a photo of his grandpa recovering from a heart attack in hospital watching a Tomi Lahren video to Twitter.Joe’s grandpa is a military vet who served in the Army during the Korean War – he was even awarded the Purple Heart!

After his grandpa suffered his third heart attack, Curci went to the hospital to spend time with one of the most inspirational men in his life. On Sunday, his grandpa was finally feeling well enough to catch up on Facebook, where he likes to look at photos of his grandkids.

Curci described one of his favorite childhood memories of his grandpa to Independent Journal Review:

“When I was in 5th or 6th grade he was able to come and speak to my school on Veterans Day. He’s not a man of many words, but he got up there and spoke to all the kids. Just having him there — it was just such a great day.”

However, Twitter opened up and Curci’s Grandpa became the subject of death threats and cruel jokes:

Tomi Lahren spotted the remarks and had a reply for them:

Liberals are disgusting! Who agrees? We are praying for this man!

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