#pizzagate!! Disgusting Child Abuse Allegation! Are The Elite Hollywood Liberal Involved?

Earlier this week, Freedom Liberty News published a shocking report about #pizzagate – a disturbing allegation of child sex abuse involving high level Democrats which reaches the very top of our government (read original post here). The story was originally published by patriotic Americans on Reddit, before the administrators and owners of the page – shut it down – we wonder why?

As reported, Donald Trump is working on the child sex claims right now, and has been since he advised the nation that he would “drain the swamp”.  We believe it was at this time that Trump discovered the story, and it was allegation he was referring to in his comments about ‘draining the swamp’ in Washington.

However, the story may be worse than first thought. In disturbing revelations which were released today, more scrutiny has been placed over who may further be implicated in the scandal. Speculation has suggested the involvement of elite Hollywood Liberals – the first of which possibly points to Bill Cosby.

Cosby was a regular at White House and Democrat events during the 90’s when he was at the height of his fame, and as we now know, he was alleged during this time to have date raped a number of young women ranging from well known co-stars to actresses wanting to make it big in Hollywood. To further muddy the waters, Cosby, has made a number of out of court settlements to some of his accusers…

Clinton gets ‘cosy’ with Cosby during a White House Dinner.


It is currently unknown what further developments will arise in this case – are Hollywood Elitists involved? If so, Freedom Liberty will be the first to report it.

Please share this story if you believe in the future of our nation and the hope, that Trump will bring safety and Christianity back to America.


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