#pizzagate – What You Need to Know & Why You SHOULD Be Following This

There were a number of vital moments during the course of the election that saw the rise, and eventual victory of Donald Trump. Trump made a number of bold promises during the campaign, many of which stirred something inside Americans that we had never seen before. One of these  promises was his famous claim that he would “drain the swamp”. In this article, we will look at what he really meant by this..

At around the same time Trump was promising to “drain the swamp”, the FBI director, James Comey announced a new investigation into the Clinton email scandal. The email scandal would blow up, overshadowing the last few weeks of the campaign, with the Clinton team scrambling to destroy the integrity of James Comey and the organisation he leads, the most respected law enforcement agency in the world – the FBI.

But we must ask the question, why would the FBI announce a new investigation so close to November 8? The FBI, led by James Comey would have known the backlash a new investigation would have had on the election, and they would have been WELL aware of a Clinton campaign of hate against them.

This brings us to #pizzagate and back to Trump’s claims he would “drain the swamp”. In short, pizzagate refers to a number of Wikileaks emails that were discovered as part of the investigation into Hillary Clinton. Within these emails is a number of strangely worded correspondence between a number of high level Democrat politicians and associates.

The wording used in the emails contains slang often used by pedophiles and it has been suggested these emails indicate there is a satantic, child sex offender ring, operating at the highest levels in Washington D.C among the Democratic elite.

But why is it called pizzagate?

Pizzagate has been used to describe this scandal because a number of these politicians and associates all own pizza restaurants within very close proximity – all of which had branding similar to those used by pedophiles to identify themselves to each other.

This discovery was originally published by a number of dedicated Christians on Reddit, however, the owner of Reddit deleted the post.. Was this the result of Clinton pressure?

Our thoughts are that at the time the FBI was launching this investigation, fear spread through Washington – the FBI doesn’t have any political affiliations, they are there for justice, whether there is an election of not – they will find the criminal and arrest them. Unfortunately, the strength of the left cannot be underestimated, and before it could begin, James Comey was publicly humiliated, along with his organisation by a well orchestrated Clinton campaign and support network, and the investigation was closed.

It is our belief that Donald Trump was referring to this investigation and matter when he claimed he would “drain the swamp”. Donald Trump is new to Washington D.C and he does not care if he ruffles feathers and puts the bad guys to the sword.

Donald Trump’s Presidency might just be the most eye opening period in our history that we’ve ever had – it’s important this message is spread.

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