Police Officer Shot On Duty While Arresting Criminals – Prayers Needed!

Officer Jorge “George” Tequida remains in critical condition tonight after he was shot in the shoulder. The bullet penetrated into his chest and doctors tonight are not sure if he will survive! He needs our prayers!

Officer Tequida was serving an arrest warrant when he was shot officials say.

Another officer, Doug Wilfert, was shot in the lower leg during an exchange of gunfire with Jose N. Barron Gomez, the man officers were trying to arrest.

Wilfert was released from the hospital Thursday after being treated for his injuries and was “doing well” Friday, Dugan said.

Gomez, 27, was fatally shot by the officers during the incident, that took place shortly before 7 a.m. at the Campbell Terrace Apartments, 4750 S. Campbell Ave., near Irvington Road.

Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus told reporters Thursday the shooting occurred inside an apartment where the officers were serving an arrest warrant for felony aggravated assault with a dangerous instrument.


Officer Tequida, left with Officer Wilfert.

Police said Thursday that they’re still looking into Gomez’s criminal history.

Tequida has been employed by the department for less than four years, and Wilfert for seven..

The shooter – Jose M. Barron Gomez

This police officer needs our support. He risks his life daily to protect us from scum like Mr. Barron Gomez! Please pray for Officer Tequida!


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