Political Scientist Issues Grave Warning For USA Border Control! We Must Act Now!

A Syrian born political scientist who has lived in Germany for more than 40 years has warned that his new home nation’s immigration policy WILL end in disaster.

Political scientist and professor of international relations Bassam Tibi issued a strong warning to German Prime Minister, Angela Merkel about her weak border control and immigration policies. However, it is also a message which has strong implications for the U.S.

Bassam Tibi has issued a strong word of advice to the U.S

Tibi has advised that Germany has no strategy to re-educate the hundreds of thousands arriving into the country to teach them about democracy and responsibility. Like America and the ‘Black Lives Matter Movement’ he also explains that police are more worried about being branded racist if they were to seriously tackle asylum seeker crime.

“German police are aware that a number of so called asylum seekers are radicalised muslims. The issue for them is that they are unable to enforce due force to weed these people out for fear of being labelled racist by our left-wing driven media and government”.

Tibi also issued a strong warning to the U.S, “I see what is happening in America (with Mexico), and am pleased they have elected a President who will take the issue of immigration seriously. But President Trump must act quickly to enforce their borders and build his wall”.

Tibi said he would ‘strongly suggest’ Trump has the wall organised and construction due to start within the first 100 days of his presidency.

If there’s anything we’ve learn’t this year, it’s that Trump does what he says. While it is unfortunate that this message has to come from someone, in another country, rather than from our current President…We are glad Trump will soon be taking the White House!

Comment if you think Obama has been useless for the U.S.A & that we SHOULD build the wall!

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