POLL: Majority Of Americans Back Trump On This Huge Issue! President Trump Says Thank You America!

President Trump has been involved in a non-stop battle with the media. From their inaccurate stories to outright lies and innuendo – he’s been calling them out for their lies since he was elected.

Watch Trump calling out fake news:


But a new poll by¬†Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll¬†reveals a majority of Americans also agree with Trump’s war on the press.

The poll found that a majority of Americans (53 to 45 percent) agree that the media and other elites are exaggerating the problems with the Trump administration because they are “uncomfortable and threatened” by the change he represents.

The survey also found that 51 percent of people believe that the media has been too critical of the president, while 41 percent said the press has been fair and objective.

In light of this result, Trump has continued to attack the media following the fake reports:

Thank you President Trump and thank you America!

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