President Trump & Ivanka Just Did Something Amazing For School Children That They Will Remember Forever

President Trump and daughter, Ivanka visited St. Andrew Catholic School in Pine Hills, Florida where Trump took the opportunity to announce his plan to open education opportunities to every child with school choice.

As president, Trump is certainly very busy but with just a few kind gestures, the children will be forever grateful for his time and words. Quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he said that “inferior education would become a thing of the past.” He commented that the school was doing a “fantastic job” and pointed out that education at St. Andrew “enriches both the mind and the soul.”

“That’s a good education,” he added.

Trump spoke to a class of about 25 students, asking them what they wanted to do with their lives and where they wanted to go to college.

One student said she hoped to open her own business.

“That’s a good idea. Make a lot of money, right? But don’t run for politics after,” Trump replied.

In a touching moment, Ivanka took the time to sign the cast of a student who had broken their leg:

After signing autographs and posing for photos, President Trump and Ivanka left the school with a smile and a wave, no doubt forever in the memories of these students.

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