President Trump Just Gave Israel The Best News Ever! He’s Fixing The Relationship Obama Ruined

We all know why the U.S supports and loves Israel. They’re an important ally in the Middle East and they’re a safe haven for Christians and Jews – they support religious freedom! It’s one of the very few counties in the Middle East that does this. And for that, we support them and send our prayers.

It was because of this that we all sat confused when Obama went out of his way to trash and ruin our relationship with Israel. Israel have been longstanding allies in our fight against Islamic terrorism and we need them in this fight.

It was clear that Obama wasn’t interesting in ending or fighting ISIS or terrorists.

Thankfully – President Trump understands the importance of Israel. He also has a daughter, Ivanka who is married to Jarred Kushner of whom both are practising Jews – so he has special place for them in his heart.

Today, President Trump held a joint press conference with Israeli President Netanyahu and what Trump said was perfect. He attempted to make up for Obama’s failures and ended up putting a smile on Netanyahu’s face and mending our relationship.

Trump said of our relationship with Israel: “You’re going to see a lot of love, a lot of love.”

It was perfect – watch here:


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