President Trump Just Looked Down The Camera And Made Two AMAZING Promises To The American People!

As previously reported, President Donald Trump sat down with Bill O’Reilly for his big Super Bowl interview. The interview was a hard hitting affair with everything from immigration, the Mexico border wall to the economy covered: but President Trump still took the time to look straight down the camera and make some amazing promises to us, the people!

1: Bill O’Reilly asked if we could expect a tax cut in 2017. Trump’s reply “Yes, and I would like to think before the end of the year”.

2: Bill O’Reilly asked if we could expect a new healthcare plan rolled out by the Trump administration to replace the terrible, terrible Obamacare

Again, Trump looked down the camera with an emphatic “yes!”.

Take a watch below:

God bless y’all – comment below if you believe President Trump has already made America great!

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