President Trump Just Sunk The Lying Democrat Chuck Schumer With 1 Epic Photo!

President Trump won’t sit and wait while the Democrats continue to direct lie after lie at him. No, he’s not that kind of leader – this is a true American, a Patriot and a Republican and he puts America First.

In a series of posts made on his social media accounts, Trump took aim at the hypocrisy of the claims by Democrats about his and his Administrations meetings with Russian diplomats.

First up was Sen. Chuck Schumer – a slimy Democrat who had led the charge alongside Pelosi against Trump and Jeff Sessions.

Well, Trump posted a photo of Schumer enjoying a drink with Putin stating “we should start an immediate investigation into Sen. Schumer and his ties to Russia and Putin”

Let’s be honest, if this is the game the Democrats want to play, it looks like President Trump is prepared to play – and he has a ton of dirt up his sleeves.

God bless you Trump. We support an investigation into slimy Schumer!

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