President Trump Makes Mexican President Look Like A Cheap Fool!

Like or not, drugs, crime and terrorists come over our Southern Border from Mexico. During the Obama years the number of illegal immigrants coming into the USA, increased by 74%! And with numbers booming out of control, Obama was left with a huge problem – one that will now be solved by President Trump!

During the campaign Trump made the promise that he would build a big, beautiful wall with a nice big door that would screen immigrants and ensure they entered the U.S legally!

He also asserted that Mexico would pay for that wall because they were doing little to stem the flow of crime and drugs, and due to their weak policing and border control were much too blame for the problem.

President Trump had planned to met with the Mexican president next Tuesday, however President Trump has announced that meeting would be “fruitless” if the Mexican president, Pena Nieto, would not pay for his proposed border wall.

On Twitter, President Trump scolded President Nieto.

Pena Nieto has been made to look like a cheap fool. The intended meeting was not only to discuss the wall, but also trade and other issues facing South America.

The meeting has not been cancelled for the time being.

Thankfully Trump has taken a strong approach with the Mexicans shutting them out of any future meetings until they agree to pay their dues!

Who agrees Mexico should pay for the wall?!




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