President Trump & Melania Just Shut Down All The Haters With This Simple Gesture As They Arrived In Sicily

You’ve probably seen the totally fake and stupid fake news that Donald Trump and Melania Trump don’t get on. Yeah, it’s stupid – liberal media using the example of Donald and Melania not holding hands as they stepped off Air Force One in Saudi Arabia.

Well, with this simple gesture, both Donald and Melania have shut all their haters up.

Their hands entwined, the pair made their way down the steps of Air Force One at the Sigonella Air Force Base before hopping in to a waiting motorcade.

That’s right – do we hear the fake news complaining now? No – because their FAKE story has been busted. Again! Nothing to see here.

Look here:

Melania had changed into her third outfit of the day – a strappy black cocktail dress with matching pumps which sported a cheeky leopard print sole.

Earlier, she dazzled in Brussels as she met with other NATO spouses and stopped by a children’s hospital to visit sick patients.

Sicily is the final stop on the Trumps’ first foreign overseas tour. On Friday and Saturday, the President will meet with other G7 leaders at a summit in Taormina.

President Trump and Melania are wonderful people who care about America. Did the fake news talk about Barack Obama ALWAYS walking ahead of Michelle? No!

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