President Trump Sends More Support To Help ICE Agents – ‘Get The Illegals Out!’

President Trump is going to build the wall – let’s get that out of the way. Like everything Trump has promised, it will happen. And just like his promise to crack down on illegal immigration, he’s doing everything he can to help our enforcement agencies do their job.

President Trump understands we have a huge problem with undocumented illegals. Stats published by RT show that of the 680 undocumented immigrants recently captured by ICE only represent 0.7% of all those targeted for deportation Рnearly 940,000 others remain undetained.


Thankfully, given the battle ICE agents face the Department of Homeland Security has approved hiring more ICE agents. Going further both Government officials and President Trump are proposing hiring more border enforcement agents and changing the deportation laws to deal with the nearly 1 million undocumented immigrants given “final orders of removal“.

Look at what Trump said about the endorsement he received from ICE!!!!

Y’all – this is GREAT news – now let’s get started on that wall! Who would help build it?!


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