Pro-Trump Actor Robert Davi Suggests Actors Should Invite Illegal Immigrants To Oscars & Camp Out In Bel Air


It’s about time someone within Hollywood came out and said what we’ve all been thinking!

As we all expect, Hollywood celebrities are expected to voice their distain for President Trump during the Oscars this weekend, but actor and singer Robert thinks they should replace their words with actions.

As we saw, Meryl Street used the Golden Globes to slam Trump for his illegal immigration and refugee policies.

“Just lighten up,” Davi, known for his roles in “License to Kill,” “Die Hard” and “The Goonies,” said on “Your World” today.

“Have them invite all the immigrants, all the refugees … all the illegal criminals. Open up all the rules of the Academy,” he said.

“Open the gates in Bel Air and let the people camp out. Why have any boundaries at all.”

David also said the politically-vocal actors in Hollywood are out of touch with the needs of working class Americans.

Davi also noted that in the 1940s through 1960s, some actors similarly expressed their “progressive, Communist, Marxist agenda” in public.

Watch Davi below:

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