Rachel Maddow ‘Reveals’ Donald Trumps Tax Returns, But Ends Up Looking Like A Massive Fool!

Oh poor Rachel Maddow! Earlier today she tweeted that she had Donald Trump’s tax returns. This was going to be a HUGE reveal according to liberals around the country but guess what? What she did next made her look completely stupid!

Not only that, but she also claimed that thanks to the First Amendment she had the right to reveal it:

But what Maddow didn’t tell her fans was that the tax returns were over a decade old! That’s right – 2005! In fact she looked like such a massive idiot, that no one cared – she later had to clarify the returns:

2005….really? This shows how desperate the mainstream media have become. This is truely sad, but for President Trump and ourselves – move on America, there’s real work to be done!

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