Report: Kaepernick Needs An NFL Team – Look At What He Will Change To Get Signed! LOSER!

Colin Kaepernick, the NFL quarterback who started kneeling during the nation anthem is now looking for work after a terrible season with the 49ers, he’s now a free agent. And as a sign of desperation, it is now reported Kaepernick will change one simple thing to get signed, by anyone.

Kaepernick received global headlines after he begun kneeling during the national anthem to protest his perceived belief that blacks were being unfairly targeted and killed by American police officers.

But in a hilarious turn, Kaepernick needs work and so his now dropping his “belief” by now vowing to stand for the anthem for whichever team hires him. Are y’all serious?!

What a fool – given the year the 49ers had – we would suggest no one purchases him!

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