RESPECT! Jesse Watters Confronts Anti-Trump Professor Who Attacked Trump & White People! (VIDEO)

Is there anything better than a liberal being confronted by facts and looking completely stupid? Well, that was the case for a St. Joseph University professor – David Parry.

Professor Parry who is also the school’s communication chair, caught up with Jesse Watters and the result was amazing. Parry said in class that his students shouldn’t open their hearts to white Trump supporters and that people will die directly because of President Donald Trump.

“I think it’s pretty stupid [what the professor said] and it doesn’t make much sense,” one student told Watters.

“I just like think that that is not appropriate,” said another.

Another student, who told Watters that Parry is her academic adviser, was left speechless.

“No longer is there real education taking place, the teachers are using their students and their lessons as a means to forward their political agenda,” said another.

Then came the moment when Watters confronted Parry — who immediately ducked his head and tried to walk away from Watters, refusing to answer any of his questions.

He was so vocal in class – why did he want to share his thoughts with Watters?!

Thankfully, Watters was persistent, asking the professor why he is “indoctrinating” his students and using his classroom as a political platform.

Watch the video here:

This should not be happening in our universities and schools!

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